M42 Motorway

The Project

Our customer needed to replace metal barrier systems on M42 Motorway to install concrete areas for free standing Precast Motorway barriers. Concrete sections needed to be poured quickly due to the vast amounts of traffic using motorway, the contractor had a limited time period to complete the work schedule and therefore required a solution to enhance productivity and efficiency.

How it works

K-Form K135 Screed Rail was the right solution for this project and, being a sacrificial screed railing system with a built in isolation joint in the vertical section, it allowed the contractor to set up adjoining bays with falls to allow bigger areas to be poured at the same time. Compared with using timber shutters the process time was dramatically increased and there were no hit and miss bay areas poured. In addition, there was no need to strike out timber to repeat the process afterwards.

The Solution

K-Form was used to form quick but accurate bay sections incorporating isolation joints. K-Form therefore offered compared to traditional shuttering systems a unique innovative solutions speeding up the pouring process from 8 days to 3 days 60% and eliminating the need to use steel pins to fix to ground and risk of electrocution. Using K-Form’s recycled plastic system also saved significant amounts of waste as all the product is utilised.