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Welcome to K-FORM

Save time and money with the K-Form Concrete Formwork System

The K-Form Concrete Formwork System offers a revolutionary and innovative shuttering product that saves the building contractor time and money with less labour.  The K-Form plastic shuttering system made from 100% recycled uPVC is a light weight, cast in place screed rail strong enough to handle all types of mechanical screeds as well as providing control, construction and isolation joints. Straight quality joints every time while being versatile for all types of concrete forms.  




K-Form is a 100% recycled PVC formwork and shuttering system used in the construction industry for Screed Rail, Concrete Slab Forming work & Concrete Paving / Forming.

We undertake Concrete Paving, Decorative Concrete, Pavement, Driveway, Flatwork, Foundation, Floor & all Concrete Pouring work.

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