We are a leading manufacturer of patented concrete formwork systems.

K-Form’s mission is to revolutionise how the construction industry shutters concrete slabs. Our innovative shuttering system is expertly designed to save the building contractor time and money. Made from 100% recycled plastic, K-Form works up to 4x faster than traditional steel and timber formwork systems.

As a proven leader, K-Form has won high-profile contracts with Hinkley Point Power Station, Crossrail, Hs2, Laing O’Rourke, Balfour Beatty, Morgan Sindall Group and many other global construction companies.


Press Release - Monday 28th February 2022

K-Form Welcomes UK-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement

The most efficient shuttering system on the market.

K-Form is the leading concrete formwork system - adored by construction professionals around the world.

The Revolutionary K-Form Formwork Collection

The most effective and efficient shuttering system on the market.”

An Modern Innovative Green Solution

100% Recycled K-Form offers an alternative and innovative green solution reduce in site waste plus contributes to your BREEAM rating

K-Form Products BAA and ISO Accredited

As the benchmark standard for construction industry materials, K-Form has been granted BBA and ISO Accreditation.

Pouring concrete slabs? Save time and money with K-Form

Introducing K-Form Concrete Formwork System. A revolutionary and innovative shuttering product guaranteed to save labour, time and money.

Installing linear drainage? Save time and money with K-Form

An animation showing how the K-Form 100% recycled uPVC screeding rail can save time and money when isolating the concrete slabs both sides of a linear drain.


Why choose K-Form?

Manufactured in the UK, K-Form’s patented concrete formwork system offers an innovative and sustainable plastic shuttering system that is designed to save you time and money.

K-Form works up to 4x quicker than traditional steel and timber shuttering systems.

K-Form’s patented plastic shuttering system, made from recycled uPVC, is lightweight and incredibly durable. Its innovative design and seamless click-together system enables K-Form to not need removal after concrete pouring. It can easily be cut to length on site and has pre-drilled holes in the vertical face for the placement of steel dowel bars. Additionally, it has holes in the base for mortar anchoring, which eliminates the inconvenient need to hold in place with stakes. K-Form also stops perforation of any damp proof or sealed gas membranes.

K-Form is sustainable -- made from recycled plastic.

K-Form takes efficiency to another level! We save uPVC window frames from being thrown into landfill, and subsequently transform it into K-Form.

K-Form is versatile and can be used on a variety of projects.

BBA and ISO accredited, K-Form can be used for many infrastructure projects including: warehouses, distribution and data centres, Petrol forecourts & Fuel and Oil refineries, military applications, rail and agricultural projects. K-Form is adored by architects around the world -- it is specified by many of the leading global architects and engineers including Cracknell, Tony Gee and Atkins.

Save on average 25% on project costs and time

Case Studies


K-Form Screed Rail is out of this world! It’s so easy to put down, it does two jobs at once, and we could not get the work done as fast as we do, without K-Form. I don’t know of any other concrete form out there that does what K-Form does.

Alan Bullen - Commercial Developer A.B. Developments, Cambridgeshire

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